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Our dentists, hygienists, dental nurses and receptionists always aim to provide a high standard of care and personal service for all our patients. All clinical staff adhere to the rules governing the profession under strict guidance from the General Dental Council (GDC).


  • Dr Satinder Singh Dhami

    GDC NO: 82473
  • Dr Smita Murdoch

    GDC NO: 177865
  • Dr Auni Patel

    GDC NO: 271819
  • Dr Andrey Astakhov

    GDC NO: 148206
  • Dr Siddhira Sathyamoorthy

    GDC NO: 81976
  • Dr Chandni Vekaria

    GDC NO: 244460
  • Dr Nader Fallah

    GDC NO: 74697
  • Dr Ramaswamy Devaradjalou

    GDC NO: 269535


  • Maureen Banks

    GDC NO: 2753
  • Laxmi Subba Limbu

    GDC NO: 269979
  • Dental Nurse

    Alix Hobley

    GDC NO: 275947
  • Trainee Dental Nurse

    Simran Limbu

Practice Manager

  • Anna Meyer

    GDC NO: 251276


  • Sharon Markham

  • Kim Ormrod

  • Shakira Reid-Fuller

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