• How Safe is my Dentist and Dental Practice? Health and Safety for Dental Patients

    The last couple of years have, by most standards, been pretty tumultuous and has led us to take a long hard look at what we, as a dental practice and team, can do to ensure every patient feels as safe and comfortable in our dental practice, as possible.

    Here’s a list of FAQs on our dental health & safety practices put in place to ensure every patient sees a safe dentist in Oxford, Oxfordshire, and the surrounding area.

    Health & Safety


    Diversity, Equality & Inclusion

    Health & Safety at Summertown Dental & Implants

    We ask all our dental patients to contact us prior to any visit and can assure you that booking a dentist appointment is not a stressful or difficult task. We need to schedule appointments so as to promote social distancing between our patients and limit the number of patients in the practice at any given time.

    The health and safety of our patients has always been our top priority. To continue to safeguard you and your family’s safety and security, we have implemented an additional range of precautionary measures to ensure a clean and healthy environment.

    In addition to our own strict, high standards of cleanliness and cross infection control, we will continue to follow all recommendations made by the UK Government and Public Health England.

    We ask all patients to wear a mask in the waiting area and other communal areas.

    Our dentists are equipped with PPE (personal protective equipment) which is an effective barrier for dental staff.  All our staff are regularly tested and have been vaccinated and will continue to wear gloves and a mask at all times. Other than your actual dentist, our staff will abide by the two metre social distancing rule. Summertown Dental & Implants in Oxford is always thoroughly cleansed after each patient.

    We understand that being in the dentist chair means very close proximity with you and your dentist. We can assure that all our staff have been vaccinated against Covid-19. Ultimately, as a dental patient at Summertown Dental & Implants in Oxford you are as safe as you can be while visiting a dentist.

    We check the temperature of each member of staff at the beginning of the day before work starts.

    We fully disinfect all surgeries between each patient.

    All patients will have their temperatures checked on arrival.


    At Summertown Dental & Implants in Oxford we are a wheelchair friendly dentist have wheelchair access to our dental practice and surgeries. We all have wheelchair accessible toilets and bathrooms and wheelchair accessible lifts where required.

    Diversity, Equality & Inclusion

    At Summertown Dental & Implants in Oxford we’re proud to recognise the definitions of diversity, equality and inclusion throughout our dental practice in terms of the staff we employ, patients we see and work practices we promote. This means as a dentist in Oxford we believe everyone is entitled to equal opportunity to fulfil their potential, recognise everyone is different and we are stronger for this and strive to remove all barriers to inclusion so everyone is valued and respected. Our philosophy on diversity, equality and inclusion means we are an LGBTQ and transgender friendly dentist.